The RASAC scholarship program has been supporting the educational needs of its young club members since 1980.

Race Directors Phil Anderson (Survivor Run) and Sue Jacobs (Women’s 5K By The Bay) have generously donated $1,000 to the RASAC scholarship program in 2014.

To be eligible, for these scholarships, the students must be current RASAC members.
Consideration is given to club participation, school activities, academic achievement, community service, and financial need.

Open season for applying for the scholarship is from February 1st until the deadline for receipt of applications which is April 30th.  Applications may be requested by email from the RASAC Scholarship Committee (

Year Traditional RASAC Scholarship Young Women’s Scholarship
2014 Dylan Chan (1000) Courtney Waldhauser (1000)
2013 Chester Wrobel (1000) Kyra McPherson (1000)
2012 Lisa McPherson (500)
2011 Jessica Wheeler (500)
2010 Sasha Wrobel (500)
2009 Courtney Waldhauser (500)
2008 Mindy Gross (500)
2007 Kim Roberts (300) Lindsay Sheely (300)
2006 Emilie Miller, Andrew Schoeb
2005 Natalie Eder, Karen Eder
2004 Natalie Eder, Karen Eder,Peter Smith
2002 Paul Gardiner, Mark Lewis
1998 Beth Hadrys; Karen Stevenson (2nd)
1997 Megan McNew
1996 Karen Stevenson
1995 Christy Moon and Brian Harris
1994 Christy Moon and Brian Harris
1993 Alison Lyon (2nd)
1992 Alison Lyon, Mary
1985 Cindy Daniel
1980 Vence Gordon

RASAC Scholarship Sponsors

Sponsor Event (s) Total Amount
Joe Lacetera Ethan Allen 5&10Ks, Satyr Hill 12 11,000
Sue Jacobs Women’s 5KBTB 2,000
Lonnie McNew various 1,500
Phil Anderson Survivor Run 1,200