RASAC History

The Renaissance Allsports Athletic Club (RASAC) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Maryland with the goals to promote amateur sports competition and physical fitness. RASAC is the oldest running club in Maryland and has been supporting running since the first year of the Airfield run in 1966.

RASAC members have competed at the international level in cross country, at the national level in running and swimming, and have collected 11 individual national titles and 8 national team titles in running and several national age group records in both running and swimming.

In 2004 RASAC chartered at Hall of Fame to honor outstanding athletic achievement and service to the club with the first inductions occurring in 2005.

Today RASAC continues with those goals as the running club in Harford County, MD through directing and hosting races, training programs, group runs, and other social events throughout the year for individuals who run and train in other sporting events.