Airfield Run

“In the early sixties, RASAC was basically a multisport club which included short distance running among its events. But, in 1966, RASAC held the First Annual Airfield Run, as a challenge between Jack Grayer and Joe Lacetera, whom Jack had never beaten in the track meets of the previous year. But Jack, who had run the AFR course every day for the previous year, won the race convincingly in a time of 18:30. In the second year (minus Jack Grayer) Lacetera won, with the dubious distinction of setting the slowest winning time ever. In these early instances of the AFR there were no entry fees and no awards, but in 1970, the race got serious with a trophy to the winner and ribbons to all finishers. This was the beginning of a gradual transition of the club from a multi-sports club to a predominantly running club.”
-Joe Lacetera

“After 9-11, we were not longer able to run races at Edgewood Arsenal, but I felt that the Airfield run could continue as a race on the Rasac schedule.  For several years the race was run near the Airfield in Forest Hill. Last year (2015) it was moved to start at Blakes venture on the Ma Pa trail. That location is still close to the Airfield in Forest Hill. I am hoping that with the 50th annual running of the Airfield Run in 2018,  we will have a another premium race on the Rasac schedule.”
-Phil Anderson

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