Snowflake Series

The Snowflake Series includes the races held in the first quarter (January through March) of the year. The first race in the series is the New Year’s Day run. If you meet the qualification standards of racing and volunteering, you will receive a nice prize at the holiday happy hour party in December.

Club members can qualify for the Snowflake prize by achieving a total of 8 points with a minimum of 5 points coming from participating in snowflake runs and 1 point coming from volunteering.

SnowFlake Points as of 2/18

Point System:

Run a designated Sunday snowflake series run 1 point
Volunteer at a premium race that RASAC times (including BATR and W5KBTB) 1 point
Volunteer at a Sunday run (if help is needed) 1/2 point
Volunteer at our Baltimore marathon mile 13 water stop 1 point
Volunteer at HAT run 2 points
Race director of snowflake series Sunday run 2 points

All volunteer points must be earned through the date when the Baltimore Marathon takes place (RASAC sponsors the mile 13 water stop).

If you have any questions please contact Karen O’Brien, Snowflake Series Director.